Seeking Christ, Serving Christ, and Sharing Christ.

Memorial Garden

One of St. Paul’s three gardens

We are a small, welcoming, and WORSHIP active congregation, so if you want to be anonymous, this isn’t the church for you. If your looking for a congregation just to sit with for a while, that’s cool. If your looking for a community that is making our corner of the world a better place, join us in Christ’s ministry.

  • Our outreach is growing in some interesting directions, so when you’re ready to invest your spirit, mind, and body, there will be something for you to do. CHECK OUT OUR UPCOMING EVENTS PAGE
  • Our worship is informal, (wear your jeans and bring a sense of humor) but Anglican in tradition. CHECK OUT OUR WORSHIP PAGE FOR OUR SERVICE DATES AND TIMES
  • Children of all ages are welcome in this place, full participants in the life of our community. SUNDAY SCHOOL WILL BEGIN SUNDAY Feb. 22 at 10 am, but join us for one more MESSY CHURCH on Feb. 15th as children, the young at heart, all of us learn about Lent from Honey Bees.
  • We are a church whose people come from different Christian traditions, but find beauty in the “Book of Common Prayer”. 

All people are welcome in this sacred place we call “St. Paul’s”

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