The Gardens of St. Paul’s

“And the Lord God planted a garden in Eden” Gen 2:8

The Memorial Garden

The cross is the central focus of the garden.

The people of St. Paul’s designed the Memorial Garden as a place where neighbors can come and sit, surrounded by beauty and peace. The Memorial Garden is a place of interment for loved ones.

This garden reminds us that while death is a reality, there is always the promise of something more beyond.

The Galton Meditation Garden

The Galton Family donated a large parcel of land to the people of St. Paul’s. Over the years the unused section of woods attracted an array of litter. St. Paul’s reclaimed the land and created the Galton meditation Garden.

This garden is a metaphor for how God can work in our lives, no matter how cluttered with litter. If we allow, God can turn us into something beautiful and peaceful.

Community Garden

This garden is dedicated to raising food for the local food pantry and beyond.

See the Events page for care for these gardens or our St. Paul's Community Garden facebook page.


While on Sundays, our church parking lot is in use for the church, during the week, there are parking spaces that can be reserved for students at Romeo High School. All spaces have been reserved for the 2017-2018 school year; please contact the church office to join a waiting list for spaces for the 2018-2019 school year.

The church parking is reserved for people who are attending events at the church unless you are a student with a reserved parking space; all others are always welcome to come join us in our activities, but use of the parking lot other than for church events or students with reserved spaces is trespassing.