Music at St. Paul's

Choir singing

As part of our common prayer, we sing together in our liturgy three Sundays a month. We hope you will come join us in song!


In December of 2016, St. Paul’s hired a choir director and started having weekly choir rehearsals. Choir rehearsal is held on Sunday mornings at 8:30am before church, but the choir takes the summer off. We invite anyone and everyone to come sing with the choir! The choir sings the same music as everyone else in the congregation, they just have a little bit more practice. Choir rehearsals are very low pressure and we always welcome new faces. If you aren’t the greatest singer, coming to choir rehearsal might make singing praises to the Lord easier. Come sing with us!

Our choir director is Sydnee Moss. She graduated in December of 2017 with a music education degree. She also teaches private music students. Since music is a very spiritual thing, Sydnee is always welcome to talk with you about improving your music education. See you at 8:30 on Sunday!


We hope you’ll join us and help us create other awesome ways of expressing living in the joy of God’s presence. If you’re a musician or an artist looking for a congregation and space to create, come and bring your ministry of creativity to this place. You’ll have permission to explore and create. Our acoustics are fantastic and the Episcopal Church is very fond of finding visual ways to express church seasons and bible stories.

If you are a music teacher or performer and are looking for a venue for a recital or concert, or if you are an organist looking for a place to practice playing the organ, please talk with us about the use of our space. The acoustics are great, and we very well might be able to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.