Outreach: “Love your neighbor as yourself”

Community Garden Produce

We grow food for our local pantry and other programs

Outreach at St. Paul’s stems from our desire to share our blessings with the rest of the world. Here’s is just a portion of our ministry:

  • Community Garden-raising food for the local food pantry and beyond. Non-church members are invited to participate in this outreach. Just call us at 586-752-3212 and we’ll get you information so you can be hooked into the Community Garden Facebook page so you can get updates.
  • “His Table” – cooking and serving meals for home bound and low income families.
  • Grace House Mission – Helping residents in a poor Appalachian community with home improvements and other needs.
  • Volunteering time at the Health Fair sponsored by Second Mile Center in Detroit.
  • Volunteering at the local food pantry; Samaritan House
  • Serving at the Health Fair at Second Mile Center in Detroit
  • Share Tree Samaritan House (for Christmas)
  • Share a meal with MCREST (Macomb County Rotational Shelter)



Cooking and serving a meal at “His Table.” We are cooking a meal at Romeo United Methodist Church for those who are on fixed incomes, shut-ins, and the homeless. We will begin cooking the meal at 3:00 pm and serve the meal at 5:30 pm.  After the guests have been served we will also sit and eat with them. Children are welcome to participate in preparing the meal and/or serving. Next date: May 23rd

Helping out at health fair days, Second Mile Center, Detroit

Helping out at health fair days, Second Mile Center, Detroit

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